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The Transition


We are incredibly excited to announce that Project Kazuri is shifting its focus in a new direction.  While we will continue to do what we have been doing to provide for them at the Home, we are realizing there is a great need that must be addressed.  Currently, there is no exit program for our kids as they reach 18 and complete high school - and nowhere else for them to go.  They are not assimilating into real life very well as they haven't been trained or provided with the proper skills, finances, or pathway to college for those who would otherwise be able.  As a result, they are mostly going back to the streets. This is heartbreaking, as we know they deserve so much more.


As Murigi put it recently, “Someone needs to tell them that their tomorrow is going to be okay.”


A plan is coming into focus that includes housing, health care, vocational training, apprenticeships, and (for those who are able) college classes. This is a gigantic challenge, but one we must take up, and so the majority of our focus now will be here. 


Here is what this looks like:


• Meeting with each of the teens who are at this stage and finding out what their interests/goals/hopes for the future are - and what they are willing to do to get there. Sharing our desire to partner with them for the next few years to assure their safety and success as they learn to build a life for themselves. Identifying whether they are most suited for vocational training or college.

• Setting up a sponsorship program through our website whereby individuals/families in America can “adopt” one of our teens, committing to provide what is needed to support them monthly for a period of 2 years following their transition from the Home.

• Renting a large, furnished home outside of Mathari and setting it up with house parents who will be responsible for their care and oversight. 

• Tapping into any government resources/programs that may already be in place for them

• Setting up a program to manage their funds and slowly teach them to do so for themselves

This is where we have been called to, and we want to take you with us in our efforts. Our older kids deserve our care, our love, and our protection as much as the little ones do, and we can set them on a life path that they will sustain for the rest of their lives.  So that we can tell them confidently and surely, "Your tomorrow is going to be okay."


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